Finding the right Acupuncturist is important, I have tried others in the past that were not a fit. TK is amazing. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and works at making sure you are comfortable and that you understand what she is doing. I started with her to fix my Plantar Fasciitis and have continued to see her for other things. She has helped me through several tough times in my life, most recently a Breast Cancer diagnosis. She has brought my anxiety levels down, increased my energy during radiation, and is helping me get my Hashimotos in check. I think the world of TK and will continue to see her!
— K.C.
TK is not a normal acupuncturist, she invests in your health and is open to finding and trying different approaches beyond just needles to truly create a relaxed and positive state.
— N.G.
I first started doing acupuncture to help with depression. Prior to acupuncture I had been using anti-depressants and had tried several times to wean off of them.
From the beginning of starting acupuncture I have enjoyed each session and realize immediate benefits such as total relaxation, and more energy for the day. At the beginning of my treatments I would experience a day or two of feeling better. But as my treatments continued these feelings became more of a permanent state. I have been doing acupuncture now and medicine free for four months and truly feel like I do not need medicine and l feel great. I am so happy my doctor recommended TK, she is very knowledgeable and great at what she does.
— J.D.



I believe that your relationship with your acupuncturist is as important to your healing as the treatments you receive.  Please know that as my patient you will be treated with enormous respect and care.

About Me


Hi. My name is TK Largey.  I am the owner of Teak Acupuncture. I, like many of the patients I see, discovered acupuncture out of desperation. I struggled for years with debilitating anxiety that left me feeling trapped and unable to fully enjoy my life and relationships.  The relief I found with acupuncture was so life changing that I went through four years of schooling at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine to obtain a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and become a licensed acupuncturist.  Most recently, I was an acupuncturist on staff at Wiseman Family Practice, an integrative family practice in Austin. I opened Teak Acupuncture in 2018.