New Patient

This 90-minute appointment is for patients who have not previously been seen by Teak Acupuncture. It includes initial patient intake and acupuncture treatment. 



Quick Cupping

Cupping, if appropriate, is included in an acupuncture treatment.  This appointment is a thirty minute appointment for existing patients who may want a little more time with the cups or just want a cupping session in-between regular sessions. 



Herbal/CBD Consultation

This appointment is a 30-minute session for herbal prescription only, no body work will be done. This appointment can be used to get a prescription for Chinese herbs and/or to learn more about how CBD oil works, if it could be helpful for you, and how to use it.


Extended Session

This 90-minute appointment is for established patients and allows time for multiple modalities. Whether you would like an acupuncture treatment followed by a thirty minute cupping session or simply want more time on the table with an acupuncture treatment. 




This appointment is a one-hour session for established patients.