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What to Expect.

Getting acupuncture is more relaxed than going to see your primary care doctor. We are less rushed and have more time to focus on you. Your first visit is an hour and a half, so that there is plenty of time hear your story, answer your questions, and work together to come up with the best treatment plan for you.   

At your first visit, we will discuss your chief complaint and then I will ask you a series of questions that may seem irrelevant to your complaint. Questions about your sleeping patterns, digestive and urinary function, menstrual cycle, emotional quality and basic level of stress are typical I will also check your tongue and pulse and perform any other necessary assessments.

Treatment will consist of quiet time resting on a heated (if appropriate for you) table while needles or pressure are used to access the Qi of the channels, usually at specific points along the body. It may also involve the use of moxibustion, cupping or other techniques. But no matter what is happening I will always be in communication with you and ensuring that you are comfortable and informed about what is happening. I want you to leave your appointment feeling relaxed, refreshed, and confident about your treatment plan.

People sometimes report feeling a bit spacey after an acupuncture treatment, and for this reason you should give yourself time to relax and drink some water before jumping right into work or other responsibilities. The work of acupuncture and related treatment usually continues for several days after the treatment as your body realigns.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions about what to expect before or after setting up an appointment.